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Did you know that stress is the #1 cause of productivity decline in the workplace? Chronic pain, hypertension and headaches may account for over half of all absences.

Just one short, energizing massage can do wonders in relieving common work-related complaints such as carpal tunnel, headaches, stress and pain caused by poor ergonomics. In fact, regular massage boots the immune system, lessens anxiety and depression and improves one's overall sense of well-being.

Also known as on-site massage, a chair massage is a style of massage practiced over the clothes. While essentially still considered a swedish or deep tissue massage, chair massage is worth noting due to its uniqueness. The therapist uses a special type of ergonomic massage chair which is portable, making it easy to transport to health fairs, trade shows and sports events. Some companies hire massage therapists to come into the work place and provide employee chair massage. While typically a short (10-20 minute) session, it is possible to do a full body session on massage chair. A chair massage may be a good place to start if you are looking for a therapist to work with regularly, as an inexpensive way to try them out.

Offering chair massage to your employees is an innovative way to reward your staff while at the same time boosting productivity and employee retention.

I offer 3 Easy options:

  • Employer pays 100%
  • 50/50 co-pay
  • Employee pay 100%

Whether you are interested in regular or occasional chair massage, I offer flexibility and budget friendly options.

For reservations or more information please call 207-754-7707 or email rachel@lewistonmassage.com

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